Antique wooden stool with cloth top. 19 x 21 x 14
Vintage red hat box with working zipper. 15 w x 14.25 tall
Very old beer handles. In great condition
Basketball Card Collection - 2000+ Cards - Jordan, LeBron, Pippen, D.Wade,etc. Rookies, Inserts, Star Cards, Jumbo # d cards. Shaq, Michael Jordan cards limited print, Larry Bird, LeBron, and many many more!
Clock is operational 13 wide x 61 high x 9 depth
This exquisite and rare s Deco Style S. Sternau (NY) alcohol burning stove food warming set is all nickel plated. It is mounted on a thick x black base and stands tall overall. Fuel from the diameter alcohol reservoir tank is regulated by a black knob needle valve. The double-boiler feature prevents food burning. Forerunner to Sterno burners this is a most unusual decorator and useful accessory...
This s premium retro -slice toaster is watts and is the auto pop-up model with toast temperature control. The chrome plating is in excellent condition and the insulated cord is flexible with NO cracks. The unit has a removable button-operated crumb tray on the underside. Very little wear is evident in this toaster and it was normally for on-your-kitchen-table use. This piece makes an attractive...
Approximately 8" 4"
Approximately 12" 8" size
Approximately 7" 4" size
Not real flowers
Good shape some wear
Remember this Here is a fully working Johnson s Wax Model BF- ( volt watts) floor polisher ft. tall. It was used sparingly the decals still intact and paint shows little wear. The rotating brush is flexible and in perfect shape with cord and plug OK. These units were rented from flooring stores for . a day and used to buff and shine Johnson s Paste Wax off wooden floors this wax is still availa...
This was my Mom s actual purse during the s WW years. Made by the Robert Appel Co. (Apple LOGO) it measures x and is constructed of ured fleur-de-lis multi-colored pierced plastic tiles connected with plastic-coated fabric straps which were very durable. The original Plasticflex Tag is inside all tiles are in good shape zipper works the rayon lining and pocket totally intact and NO holes rips o...
Approximately 8" 3.25" size
Approximately 6" 5" plastic trophy
Approximately 16" gold and green colored trophy
Limited edition Green Lantern from Uni-Formz!
Tallest trophy is approximately 17", and shortest trophy is ~10"
This rare collection was put out by UPS in 2000 . U won t find this item at your local yard sale .
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